Digital Transformation

“It is no longer possible to solve today’s problems with yesterday’s solutions” Roger von Oech)

Education, health, culture, politics, the economy… digital transformation is revolutionising our whole environment at a frenetic rate. We are all being forced to rethink society, markets and institutions under the new digital paradigm: user support, staff selection, communication, relations with suppliers, research, innovation processes, training, etc.

In this new industrial revolution products become services offering users new experiences that enhance their quality of life. A recent example is that of the multinational Nike Inc., which has released the code needed for any programmer who wishes to do so to invent new possibilities working from the data that can be generated by a sports shoe or a bracelet: how many kilometres you’ve covered, whether you’re arriving home, whether you’re passing the gym, etc. What sets a business apart and makes it the leader in its sector is the experience it offers its customers.

Digital transformation workshops

At ubiquo we promote digital transformation in organisations through a practical approach that makes it possible to design new services using technology as a competitive advantage, without the need to invest in new knowledge or costly development tools. Through our workshops we help companies to generate added value by exploiting the advantages of big data and artificial intelligence (AI) by means of our Ubox technology. We show companies how to change before they have to change.