“Creativity is learned, like learning to read” (Ken Robinson)

One of our society’s main challenges is education. New generations need academic environments that foster collective knowledge, and also new learning dynamics, in a rapidly changing globalised world.

In the business world we face similar challenges. The corporations of the future are looking for creative, enterprising, critical, digital individuals with social skills and a great ability to adapt. Innovation must be part of companies’ DNA for them to move forward successfully on the digital pathway.

Beyond multimedia solutions and cloud content

The Ubox technology developed by ubiquo enables more interactive environments to be created within educational spaces, by reusing material and content already present in the school itself. This type of tool also helps to get pupils involved, as they can easily create their own interactive content and share it with the rest of the community. Technologies such as Arduino, with user-friendly software and hardware, make it possible to develop simple robotics designs which stimulate the user’s capacity for creativity and innovation.