Mixed Reality

“Technology is at its very best, at its most empowering, when it simply disappears” (Jony Ive)

In the near future, the dividing line between real environment and virtual reality will disappear, leading to the creation of intelligent real spaces. Up to now all technological development has been taking place on the other side of the glass, and in order to be able to access a virtual reality we have had to use a device, such as a tablet or a smartphone, combined with an application.

These barriers have gradually been melting away, giving rise to environments in which technology is integrated into space in a natural way and in which the user can access information and services directly. The potential of this kind of development encompasses a wide range of areas of application: medicine, surgery, maintenance of equipment, educational applications, marketing, entertainment.

Real Augmented Reality

At ubiquo we have developed a real augmented reality tool which allows users to interact directly with physical spaces. In this case, we used the application for a design gallery in which users could access information about furniture just by pointing at it. Once the object had been pointed out, a description was projected onto the wall showing its features.