Intelligent Personal Assistants

“But what makes me me is my ability to grow through my experiences. So basically, in every moment I’m evolving, just like you” (Samantha, virtual personal assistant in the film Her)

When we look into the future from ubiquo we see a reality that has already been anticipated for us by films like Her, Ex Machina and Minority Report. It is a future that is getting closer at hand every day, in which devices will fade away and be replaced by intelligent personal assistants that will help us in our day-to-day lives.

Up to now people, regardless of their age, education, physical ability, intellectual capacity or location, have had to obtain devices and learn how to operate them in order to gain access to the benefits of technology. The next step is for the technology itself to be naturally integrated into people’s lives to help them carry out their everyday tasks, access information or communicate.


Ubiquo’s natural language bot has been designed using a simple programming language which enables it to adapt to any kind of industry, environment or user. The huge quantity of data the platform generates can be collected and processed through big data to generate insights of interest: connection time and duration, frequently-asked questions, user preferences, sex, age and area of the company, among others.