Technology for All

“The digital revolution must be at the service of people” (Rafael Gerardo, CEO of ubiquo)

According to the WHO, 15% of the world population suffers from some kind of disability. However, many of the technological solutions we find in public spaces are not used by people with functional or sensory limitations because they do not fit their reality.

If we turn to the older generation, we find very similar situations. How many times have we seen humorous images of senior citizens using tablets, WhatsApp or smartphones on social networks? That message from Dad that never arrives, “Dad is writing…”, and he ends up just putting “hi”, the old man using an iPad as a chopping board, or the lady shouting at a Siri, which answers: “the Stranislao shop does not exist”.

Ubiquitousness, invisibility and intelligence

Ubox is a new model for developing and distributing interactive experiences for physical spaces. Through this technology, real spaces are transformed into a environment for running applications, and therefore users do not need to have a device in order to access the application; they can access a product or service with their own movement, in their everyday environment. One of the great advantages of this type of development is that it adapts naturally to every kind of person, putting technological advances within reach of the whole of society.