Ubot, our natural language bot, is designed using a simple programming system, easy to implement in any environment or sector: medicine, education, customer support, industry, etc. In time this service makes it possible to improve automatic conversations between people and systems, as it is designed so that it can be trained by experts in the area in which it is applied.

Starting from a series of configurable questions and answers, the system gradually adapts to the most common user queries, thus refining its ability to respond and enhancing the user’s experience.

Unlike other bot solutions, the huge amount of data generated by the Ubot platform is available to the end customer. This data is stored and transferred to another location, where it can be processed using big data to generate insights of interest: connection time and duration, frequently-asked questions, user preferences, sex, age, area of the company, etc. Once this information has been processed, the tool makes it possible to generate segmented reports that will help you to optimise various areas of the company.