because the world is not flat …

Ubox is a new model for developing and distributing interactive experiences for physical spaces. Through Ubox technology real spaces are turned into execution environments for applications, so that users do not need to have a device to make use of the application but can access a product or service with their own movements in their everyday environment. One of the great advantages of this type of technology is that it adapts naturally to every kind of person, putting technological advances within reach of and at the service of society.

Ubox technology has been developed using a very simple programming language. With just a knowledge of HTML5, JavaScript and CSS we can create interactive experiences to suit any type of physical space and industry.

At ubiquo we have also created a development and marketplace environment so that developers can take advantage of applications created by other users, as well as sharing their applications designed with Ubox technology. We want to set up a community in which everyone can interact and develop new prototypes using artificial intelligence (AI) and big data.

Enter Ubox, ask for an invitation to join our innovation laboratory, and participate as a developer: http://ubox.ubiquotechs.com.

On our YouTube channel you can access the latest content on Ubox, as well as real projects developed using this technology: ubiquotechs YouTube channel.

Ubox has been recognised by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme as an innovative project in Phase 1: https://ec.europa.eu/easme/en/sme/5851/platform-develop-and-distribute-gesture-recognition-based-applications.