Real Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) allows a physical space to be turned into a digital environment, expanding the user’s perception with images, video or projected information. Our Real Augmented Reality tool, developed using Ubox technology, goes a step beyond the usual AR applications by creating an interactive real space without the user needing the support of any device.

One of the main advantages this new development has introduced is that it can be used by any kind of person, whatever their age, digital skills or functional or sensory limitations. It is therefore a perfect solution for public institutions such as museums, galleries, hotels, shopping centres and academic environments.

In this video we can see an example of Real Augmented Reality applied to a gallery containing a range of design works. When visitors pointed directly at a piece of furniture or an object, additional information about it was projected onto the wall. Being able to interact directly with physical spaces aroused great surprise and curiosity among users, for whom it was a new and interesting experience.

As well as making an impact on visitors, use of the tool enabled the gallerist to gather information on people’s interest in each work, how long they remained in front of it and the total number of those who attended the event.