Making Signs to the Robot

Who has not dreamed at some time of having a C-3PO that they can give instructions, with signs and words, and make it carry out the assigned task while we get on with something else? So far this idea of an autonomous robot has been unimaginable, the stuff of science fiction films. But now, thanks to Ubox technology, we have managed to design an experience in which the robot responds to the user’s movements.

Making Signs to the Robot is a very interesting solution as an alternative to traditional advertising or to screens for recreational or news environments. Using this tool, when the user enters the shopping centre the robot starts following them and giving them information about the space, the offers available and the latest developments that might interest them. So instead of bombarding customers with aggressive advertising, we offer them a new shopping experience, with added value.

The sensorisation, communication and data processing system included in all our developments enables business managers to collect information on the consumer’s profile and attitudes, which can be used later to coordinate promotional campaigns or sales teams.

In this video we can see an example of how the robot reacts naturally to the user’s movements, following them around the space, without the need to use any kind of device.