Integrating Disruptive Technologies

It was a real pleasure to take part in the seminar on digital transformation organised by Tecnofor: a great opportunity to show what we are doing and to share our mission, vision and values in a practical, relaxed session.

In the first video you can see Pablo Sánchez’s presentation, where he gives us his personal take on big data, the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence.

“We are going to explain to you what the future is like, because that’s where we are coming from” (Pablo Sánchez)

In the second video, Rafael Gerardo speaks to us about the use of artificial vision and big data in developing intelligent environments and about a more inclusive technological future, in which all kinds of people will be able to participate, regardless of their age or their functional or sensory limitations.

“If we set up sensors that receive signals and then we write programs capable of analysing that data to generate other programs that will reprogram the sensors, we are creating a brain; so we’re brain developers and we’re pressing ahead with this” (Rafael Gerardo Weisz)