Playing with Snow

Playing with Snow, developed in its entirety using Ubox technology, is a mixed reality environment in which passers-by, whatever their age or functional limitations, can interact with snowflakes which fall, in a virtual form, on their bodies.

Using this new sensorisation, communication and data processing technology enables us to collect information on the flow of people passing by in front of a shop: peak activity times, days of the week, how long they linger in front of the screen, whether they approach, move away, enter the shop.

Once these data have been transmitted to another location for central processing they can be used by the managers of the business to perform analyses and schedule actions: choosing the busiest days or times to put on special offers, increasing or decreasing the number of sales staff according to peak hours, developing targeted campaigns, etc.

In the specific case of this video, Playing with Snow was installed in the window of a coworking space in a street in the center of Madrid. After two and a half months, the use of this tool had increased the number of people entering the premises by 30%.