Social Bubbles

Today’s consumers are looking for more transparent and accessible brands that are easy for them to interact with. Above all they value authenticity, the production of important content and the technological ability of companies to create new experiences.

Social Bubble is a mixed reality technological solution for consumption of content on social networks. Using Ubox technology enables us to interact directly with a space, through a recreational tool, to access the latest content about brands on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Merely by using a screen, the reception desk in an office block, a stand at an event or a shop window can be transformed into a entertaining experience, through which users access content of interest about the company.

Social Bubble consists of a screen showing falling bubbles which people can burst directly just by moving their hand. When the bubble pops, the content of the latest tweet or Facebook or Instagram message appears.


In this example, Social Bubble was placed at the reception desk of the offices of Schweppes España. Both staff and visitors can see the latest contents of the accounts of the company’s various products on it and interact with them.