Consultancy in Innovation

“After doing the new technologies workshop with ubiquo I thought it would be great to have an intelligent personal assistant to resolve grammatical queries, which would avoid wasting time looking things up. The study carried out by the ubiquo team helped us put this idea into practice by designing a natural language bot which responds to the user’s queries automatically, while also attracting traffic to our website.”


Jaime Cava, CEO of Rayma, Global Linguistic Services.


We analyse organisations and their environments to understand their processes and identify the points in the value chain where new technologies can be applied.  In this way we help companies to pursue a business strategy that goes beyond merely creating a product and makes it possible to develop new services providing added value for their customers.

The consultancy service consists of the following phases:

  • Studying the context and the current solutions within the sector
  • Analysing the company, identifying the needs and establishing the digital objectives
  • Providing support in defining the specific digital strategy
  • Designing tailor-made solutions and estimating the investment budget