Workshop on New Technologies

“How am I going incorporate solutions like big data or artificial intelligence into my business if I’ve never used them?

The workshop on new technologies gave me the chance to touch and experiment with intelligent personal assistants and mixed reality. Together with ubiquo’s team we ended up developing a natural language bot for solving questions online that was perfectly capable of meeting the need to answer grammatical queries in the languages sector.”


Jaime Cava, CEO of Rayma, Global Linguistic Services.


The workshops on new technologies originated with the aim of solving the digital gap most organisations currently suffer from. They are highly practical, dynamic courses in which anyone, whatever their previous contact with technology, can touch, play with and even design futuristic solutions using Ubox technology.

Open workshops

Once a month we organise our open workshop so that you can come and play and experiment with mixed reality, robotics, natural language bots, and everything we are experimenting with at the moment. Come inside our creative laboratory and discover what technology can do for your business.

Customised workshops

If you have a specific need or want to introduce a digital culture within the organisation, we design workshops tailored to particular companies, suited to your needs and industry or simply aimed at stimulating the creativity and motivation of your team.