Developing Prototypes

“In a few weeks, using Ubot, the ubiquo team had developed a beta version of a natural language bot for resolving grammatical questions. After completing the consultancy and implementing the prototype in a controlled environment, we anticipate that the tool will potentially increase traffic on our website by 30%, while at the same time we will be offering a groundbreaking service in the communication field.”


Jaime Cava, CEO of Rayma, Global Linguistic Services.


In our innovation laboratory customers can implement futuristic real tools using ubiquo technology. We put our experience at their disposal so that they can develop new concepts and prototypes in a controlled environment.

A practical example can be found in our solution for developing experiences in physical spaces. Ubox technology has been developed using a simple programming language, HTML or JavaScript, which enables us to develop prototypes rapidly to suit any type of industry, user or environment.

All our developments, in both software and hardware, have intelligent features and are designed taking integration with traditional tools or platforms into account, so that they can be incorporated into the organisation without having to invest in new equipment or have expert assistance.