SOCIAL BOX turns your TV, projector or video wall into a platform for viewing and interacting with your social networks in real time. This application makes it possible for customers or visitors to access the contents by simply moving in front of the screen.

The SOCIAL BOX system features Ubox metrics, enabling you to extract real data on user interaction and thereby improve the point-of-sale experience.

In addition, SOCIAL BOX includes, totally free of charge, access to a marketplace with applications that can be programmed in different time ranges according to the influx of the target public.


Who can develop apps for SOCIAL BOX?

SOCIAL BOX has been developed in the Ubox environment, which uses a simple programming language based on HTML and JavaScript.

If you are interested in developing a tailor-made app, you can opt to do so through Ubiquo Techs or by using outside designers or programmers who are familiar with these simple programming languages.


Where can I use SOCIAL BOX?

SOCIAL BOX has been designed to be used in physical spaces in any setting. Here are some of the places in which SOCIAL BOX is already being used:

Physical shop: it helps to generate traffic and virality towards your physical shop.

Events: it redirects traffic towards your stand and encourages networking.

Receptions or shopping centres: it becomes a tool for entertaining the public and making people interact with your brand.


What does the SOCIAL BOX pack include?

The SOCIAL BOX pack includes various apps and interactive experiences for connecting your digital supports to your social media. Among the applications one that stands out is Social Bubble, developed by Ubiquo Techs, which turns your posts into bubbles that the user can interact with in real time.



The posts launched by the brand on the various social networks also drop on the screen (TV, projector or video wall) at the same time in the form of bubbles. By moving their hands, users can catch or burst these bubbles, making the social media message appear on the screen.