Digital product

"Technology is important, but the only thing that really matters is what we do with it"

Muhammad Yunus, Economist and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Technology at the service of strategy

Software development companies typically focus on technology and passively wait for the requirements to develop. At Ubiquo Technologies we believe in delivering value to customers through digital products, it is a different approach, it is the ideal approach if we really want to understand what we do and how it impacts all the people involved. Technology is the means to create but not the center, that is why we look for the best option of tools in each phase of the creation of the digital product.There are many types of digital products. Our focus is on digital products that require an approach to people and real spaces, that seek new forms of interaction and consumption of digital content or services. Digital products aimed at education, wellness, communication or even industry have a high need to impact people where they are and ideally without the need for the intermediation of devices for personal use.

There are people and organizations that have needs or an idea. On the other hand, there are teams that develop software. Taking an idea to materialize in a digital product requires many types of knowledge and experiences. Ubiquo Technologies offers a series of technological, strategic and business services aimed at the implementation of digital products and their management in its early stages.

Our services

Product analysis

In order to evaluate with the clients the viability of the same, the background of its promoters and the market. This analysis includes an understanding of the technical aspects of the product to take into account when evaluating its evolution in terms of scalability, legal aspects or even competition.

Products Design

Identification of the digital asset and everything related to the design of the logical, physical and operational architecture of the product, processes and data management, as well as business continuity. This design includes the internal tools and processes required by the PERSONNEL responsible for the operation and their needs in terms of information and services.

Operations and scalability

When a product is tested and begins to grow, it is necessary to start the process of continuous improvement, support and maintenance. From Ubiquo Technologies we help in this transition by starting the infrastructure machinery, defining the security and optimization processes as well as enabling development teams both internal and external to the client.

MVP development

It is an almost artisanal development process in which a first version of the product appears on the go. It is artisanal because it does not correspond to a structured development process based on clearly defined parameters and requirements. Our methodology is based on a time contract with a deadline and general objectives to be pursued during that time. The main focus is learning and collecting feedback from actual or potential clients. These are developments that are mostly temporary but allow a clearer vision of the product and the value they provide. This service implies a monetary investment and since much of the work is not quantifiable, other than the form and participation in the products.

CTO Virtual

Close accompaniment within the teams that are in the process of developing their digital product since they often do not have a specialized staff in business, strategy and technology issues. This figure is essential when proposing competitive products thanks to the early identification of risks and the opportunity that teams have to learn on the fly about the issues that are not dominated and that will be necessary to better understand the functioning of the digital world.