A platform for the real world

Things happen in the real world, people relate to each other and we use natural mechanisms to do so that allow us to understand what is happening, contribute our ideas and understand others. Ubox is the tool that allows us to propose in an efficient and sustainable way the creation and distribution of Human Experiences, in this way we do not have to carry out custom projects, rather we do it with simple technology known as html, javascript and css. The same that is used to create a web page.

When we say that not all digital services have to be provided through personal use devices (computers, tablets or mobiles) or even through unique devices (TV, voice assistants, cars, etc.), we mean that Probably the most adjusted approach to reality is to orchestrate different different devices (input and output) adapted to people and on which experiences can be executed, this implies that within the same interactive environment, the experiences they do can be executed. it is missing just as when we switch from one app to another on our mobile devices.

The Ubox platform helps us develop new forms of user interface, develop our own experimental and real projects, as well as develop our interactive products or collaborate with other companies that bet on Ubox to create their interactive content products as well as extend their existing products to exit the real world through a new channel.