Human Experience

“The Best Interface is No Interface”

Golden Krishna, Strategic Designer at Google

HX is our proposal to develop spaces putting people at the center

Just as computers or mobile devices are the environment in which we execute the applications that give us access to digital services, the real life where we move and the way in which we naturally interact with other people constitute an execution environment in this case not of applications, rather of experiences. The direct experiences in the environment that we move and with people activate the senses and create diverse channels of understanding that enrich the communication and training process, making this a deeper and more enriching process.

In our “Human Experience” (HX) line of services, we seek to collaborate with organizations by developing physical environments, spaces where technology contributes added value to the process that is already taking place between people. These developments are usually simple, non-invasive and continuously improving in based on what you learned.

Human Experience

Working from this perspective, problems are better understood and therefore better solutions are found. This strategy allows us to respond to the inconveniences that the use of personal devices brings, we do not seek to eliminate these devices, only to say that it is difficult to try to do everything with them, that there are other ways of doing things because we cannot always count on Perfect scenarios, much less with perfect people to be able to operate under the traditional scheme.

HX is our proposal to develop spaces putting people at the center, where technology plays a more transparent and reactive role, understanding what is happening and helping to expand the capacities of people in their environment, without altering their nature.