We changed the future long time back.

We create a path in which we can work, learn or play, without limiters. Where physical devices adapt to people and not the other way around. 

Where reality is the only interface for all people, without exclusion.

We were waiting for you.

We are Ubiquo Techs.

We create the future for more than 10 years.

We anticipate tomorrow and improve the present.

 People interacting without barriers, professionals training and having fun, children learning and playing. All thanks to our technology. We make reality what was once science fiction, what we dream of.

Service areas

Ubiquo Technologies is a firm dedicated to creating global solutions that puts the focus on human beings and reality. Universal Accessibility is part of our philosophy and runs through all of our work. We approach each project from a single guiding principle: the inclusion of all people in a given environment. 


We anticipate the future by creating our own ecosystem of products and services that work together.

Smart Logs


It allows the unification of all the digital activity of the organization to advance in the automatic understanding of business processes without the need to develop new systems.

Reality OS


The result of experience working with Ubox, RealityOS is our proposal to understand reality as an operating system in which people and technology coexist in the same environment, making possible new solutions and the industrialization of the development of interactive experiences.

Neuron Company


Our framework designed for companies that want to have a sustainable balance between innovation, social commitment and business development.

Made in… the Future

Proud providers of a different future in:

  • Education

  • Retail

  • Banking

  • Science

  • Transport

  • Health

  • Call Centers

  • Wellness

  • Industry


We are in Brussels, Madrid and Santo Domingo. We can be everywhere.

Calle del Acuerdo 17
28015, Madrid, España
Santo Domingo